10 months after the world broke, I still refuse to fly.

On Friday, March 13, 2020, the former resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. acted far too late and much too sloppily to declare that airports in the United States would be closed to international travel. In the weeks before his bumbling announcement, dozens of other countries acted swiftly to close their airports and travel hubs to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. From the first time twice-impeached, former President Donald Trump addressed the coronavirus outbreak, he sought to portray it as a situation that was…

Discovering My Inner Introvert

Precocious. Extroverted. Gregarious. Outgoing. Social Butterfly. Talkative. Know It All. Words and phrases that family members, educators, colleagues, familiars and strangers alike have used to describe me for as long as I can remember. But for the last one hundred and thirty one days since the world broke, none of these terms seem to apply. I talk less, and write more.

Instead of chatting on the phone until the wee hours of the morning, these days I am deeply asleep by midnight, and naturally awake before my alarm sounds at 6am. Last night, I fell asleep…

Chocolate is delicious and more often than not, has its origins in slave labor of poor children in West Africa.

As you enjoy chocolate today, and as you start making your Halloween candy purchases, keep in mind that Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana produce nearly 60% of the world’s cocoa each year, and latest estimates found 2 million children engaged in hazardous work on cocoa farms in these two countries.


Fortunately, there is an ongoing, and updated list of chocolate companies that only use ethically grown cocoa where you can learn if the chocolate you are eating is connected to child…

Food and drink have met their match at this Memphis gem.

I traveled to Memphis, Tennessee for @nomadnesstribe’s #AudacityFest and based on several recommendations, I visited Flight Restaurant on South Main Street and had a near-perfect meal and dining experience. The concept is simple: choose your cuisine and pair it with a flight of wines, or vice versa. The tapas-style small plates can be ordered individually, or in triplets as an entrée, and after walking nearly five miles during the event and snapping photos all day, I was ravenous and opted for the Fish Flight with accompanying white wines.


Telecommuting allows you to see the world, without having to see the inside of a cubicle. Here is a list of 100 companies with #RemoteWork gigs: https://www.facebook.com/lenubienne/posts/435497977172603?__tn__=K-R

Photo by author: instagram.com/lenubienne

1. Live Ops- www.liveops.com. 2. TeleTech-TeleTech.localjobster.com 3. Amazon-Amazon.JobsOnline.com 4. Sutherland Global Services-http://www.sutherlandglobal.com/careers.aspx 5. UnitedHealth Group- https://careers.unitedhealthgroup.com/…/customer-service-an… 6. Dell- http://jobs.dell.com/north-America-jobs 7. IBM- www.ibm.com/employment 8. U.S Department of Agriculture www.usda.gov 9. Working Solutions- http://workingsolutions.com 10. Humana- www.humana.com 11. Aetna- https://www.aetna.com/about-us/aetna-careers.html 12. Intuit- www.Intuit.com 13. Kaplan- kaplan.com/work-with-us/our-culture 14. Kelly Services- www.kellyservices.us/US/Careers/KellyConnect/Kelly-At-Home 15. Cactus Communications- https://www.flexjobs.com/jobs/telecommuting-jobs-at-cactus 16. Westat- https://www.westat.com 17. Salesforce- www.salesforce.com/company/careers 18. PAREXEL- https://jobs.parexel.com 19. CyberCoders- https://www.cybercoders.com/jo…/work-from-home-php-developer 20. American Express- https://jobs.americanexpress.com 21. Vmware- telecommuting-jobs-at-vmware 22. SAP…

A guide to keeping your skin supple whether near or far from home.

When you hear or read the word “skincare,” what comes to mind? Expensive treatments? An image of a someone in a spa with what appears to be cream cheese on their face and cucumber slices on their eyes?

Skincare has gotten so popular, Snapchat made a filter of a mask with cucumbers.

I am willing to admit that these are exactly the images that used to pop into my head. I am not a licensed esthetician nor a dermatologist- I am a woman with extensive experience in traveling, and I am sharing my personal skincare journey. …

A Wanderluster’s Guide to Becoming A Digital Nomad and Working Remotely

Since quitting my corporate job two years ago and becoming a freelance education consultant and digital nomad, I am continually learning how to make location independence work FOR ME. No two remote work stories are alike, and if these phrases are new to you, you are not alone. Since the dawn of the internet, technology has made it possible for people to earn money and ditch their cubicles for global travel freedom. New vocabulary was born, and a new way of life is growing for people of all ages…

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong. — N. R. Narayana Murthy

This time last year, I was celebrating Ghanaian Independence Day with my family, exploding with joy and relief for my mother, who had recently been released from the hospital after receiving a life-saving kidney transplant from one of the most altruistic humans I’ve ever encountered, Maura Cronin-Lopez. There was no way for me to know that I was about to embark on the hardest, most difficult year I have ever experienced. I had stars in…

Essentials for a safe & comfortable journey, no matter the length of your trip.

Old globe light fixture in Sofia, Bulgaria. Photo taken by author.

The last 25 years and 3 passports have taught me so much about what I really NEED when I’m on the road. From clothing to coffee mugs, trial-and-error has helped me hone my list of “must-haves” versus “nice-to-haves.” I’ve discovered that most toiletries and clothing basics can be purchased ANYWHERE, and there is no need to fret and over-pack. …

Exploring the birthplace of Négritude

Clicking on a Secret Flying twitter post just before Christmas 2016 led me to one of the most beautiful, educational, and affordable island vacations I have ever experienced. Three short weeks later, I escaped from the cold, wet, hustle and bustle of JFK International Airport to the serene beaches and stunning volcanic overlooks of Martinique for less than $250USD.

Espuma Beach. Photo taken by author.

I consider myself to be an avid traveler, but Martinique is a great destination for the most novice nomads. Martinique checks off all the boxes: affordability of flights, accommodation options for every budget, lively entertainment, historical…

Fernanda H. Meier

Travel writer. Culture curator. Education evangelist. #HalfricanAmerican #AtlasArcher and #SirBleuciousLeftFoot’s mama. @lenubienne on all platforms.

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